Kids' Menu

All meals come with a fountain drink, carton of milk or apple juice 5.99

Billy the Kid Burger

Mini cheeseburger with fries, curly fries or apple slices

Good Ol' Cold Turkey Sandwich

Oven roasted turkey on white or multigrain wheat bread with American cheese and side of mayo. Served with fries, curly fries or apple slices

Chicken Little Fingers Basket

Three fried fingers with fries, curly fries or apple slices. Grilled chicken breast available upon request

Kraft Mac & Cheese

With fries, curly fries or apple slices

Mini Corn Dog Basket

Six mini corn dogs with fries, curly fries or apple slices

Happy Grilled Cheese Sandwich

American cheese grilled on white or multigrain wheat bread. Served with fries, curly fries or apple slices

Oodles of Noodles

Linguine with choice of butter, marinara or alfredo and garlic toast.

Fruit Cup 3.75
Side of Fries 2.50
Sliced Apples .75

N/A Strawberry or Raspberry Daiquiri

Topped with real whipped cream 3.75

Sioux City Sarsaparilla

Or orange cream soda 2.75

Sarsaparilla or Orange Cream Soda Float

Made with hand dipped ice cream 4.75

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